Meet the Family

She’s gonna make him a dinner he can’t refuse… Meet the Vitales, the husband and wife team behind Vitalian Kitchen!

Allison and Vincent got married in August of 2018. It was the perfect Vitalian Wedding, less than 5 years after she made him the first dinner he couldn’t refuse: Bucatini Carbonara with Pancetta. Shortly after this meal, he was smitten and they’ve been inseparable ever since. This blog is an account of their life together through cuisine.

I’m going to stop writing in third person now. It makes it less personal. And for us, it’s always personal.

While I dish the details behind the delicious meals my hot wife concocts in the kitchen, we’ll also indulge you with our tales of travel. A corporate event planner by day, Allison’s work sends her around the world, and I’ll tend to join from time to time pretty much every time. (Never mind those places we go when she’s not working.) Whether it’s Ireland or Italy, or Toronto or Tokyo, join us as we embark one gluttonous adventure to another in quest of only one thing: more food.

We’ve also got this dog, and kid that’s on the way, who you might hear about on occasion. But otherwise, we prefer to keep our discussion meal centric, so unless either of them stuffing their faces (they live with us), then we won’t mention them too often (as in incessantly).

I’ll quit my yammering now. The wife just told me dinner’s ready, and she doesn’t like to be kept waiting. So please, excuse me, as–oh, hold on, she just told me to let you know you’re invited to dinner… I’m not sure what she’s made, but whatever it is, I can promise you won’t be disappointed. Care to join?

On that note, welcome to the family.

But remember; once you join this family, you’re in for life.

Allison & Vincent