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Maple Bourbon Glazed Wings

Up close wing

Shortly after waking up at 10:30am on Sunday, my hot gf asked me if she could use a 1/4 cup of my bourbon for the wings she was going to make for her cousin’s Super Bowl party. I hesitated to sound cheap by saying “no”, and instead suggested she pick up some lower quality bourbon in case she needed it to cook anything else. She told me she doesn’t use bourbon to cook that often, so I told her I would buy it. She wound up paying for it anyway, which was fine so long as I wasn’t giving up any of my 10-year Bulleit Frontier her uncle got me for Christmas. She went with a flask of Jim Beam from Shoprite and it seemed to work fine.

holding a wing pot

Chef’s Note: I actually asked the boyfriend at first if the scotch he had at my apartment would work, to which he said “definitely not”. I knew he wouldn’t want to give up his bourbon, which is fine because I ended up using a half cup for these wings. I guess I’ll start thinking up more ways to use bourbon in the kitchen. Suggestions, anyone?

We arrived to Brooklyn around 4:30pm, where we were greeted by more food and liquor than I could fathom having at 10 Super Bowl parties. Her cousin and husband are quite the hosts and make the best mulled wine, which is particularly popular with my hot gf and I during this time of year. I had 3 cups to wash down my hot gf’s wings, a pulled pork sandwich, mac ’n cheese, kale salad, oven-fried chicken, some other chicken wings, cheese and crackers, bourbon ham, queso dip, and ice cream cake, just to name a few things I ate. Her cousin’s husband was going to make bratwurst, but I guess he didn’t want too many leftovers. Between all the food and liquor, when I awoke at 3am with a fire in my chest I wasn’t all that surprised.

Fortunately, my hot gf’s wings aren’t all that spicy for those who prefer to avoid heartburn, assuming you aren’t also eating 15 other things while drinking. They’re baked, not fried, which should also help you out. Of course, they are bourbon glazed, so you might get a little indigestion–but what more do you want from us? They’re wings. If you want a salad, then go with this recipe. For those of you looking for wings that are incredibly flavorful and doused in something other than Frank’s Red Hot, then these are the ticket. And for those who can’t live without hot sauce on everything, we got something else for you too.

unglazed wings

stirred wings

wings ready for oven

close wings in pot

Wings in tray

The lucky guy who gets to eat the stuff his hot GF cooks.