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Curry-Spiced Shrimp with Roasted Zucchini & Fresh Ricotta

Tonight my hot gf cooked a meal for me unlike anything I have ever had before. This is just one of the many things I cherish about her–that she not only cooks for me, but is always expanding my tastes too. You gotta love a girl who’s willing to experiment and try new things in the, ahem, kitchen.

close up shrimp allison

We went to the Spanish supermarket nearby to pick up some shrimp because I am an example of the “gentrification” occurring in their neighborhood. Unable to afford city rent, we starving writers, artists, and musicians find sanctuary settling in the cheaper outskirts of surrounding urban areas, such as parts of Jersey City, Queens, and Brooklyn. I’m not sure the term “gentrification” is politically correct in defining trendy, white young adults moving into minority neighborhoods due to financial instability as “a sign of improvement”, but if vintage bicycles, skinny jeans, and lattes symbolize sociocultural evolution, consider me a pioneer!

The name of the grocery store is “SUPREMO” written in big red letters on its facade, except the lighting is out on the “S” and the “O”, so at night they’re called “UPREM”. Frankly it’s not a bad grocery store, and unlike corrupt C-Towns, offers fair market prices so you don’t get the inherent sense of capitalist oppression when shopping. I also enjoy the salsa music playing overhead and odd assortment of produce I have never seen before. Their seafood selection isn’t spectacular, but we came across some fresh tiger prawns from Ecuador and she ordered half a pound. Unsure it would be enough, when the clerk handed her the bag she examined it, continuing to question herself. I told her if she was concerned to just buy more, because she knows by now she’s better off having more than less when it comes to feeding me. She decided it would be enough and I hoped she was right.

Chef’s Note: Something I am still learning is food portions. It happens all of the time when I cook pasta, I start pouring it in the water and think, “hmm… that just does not look like enough,” and add more—usually too much. Half a pound of shrimp did not look like a lot, but luckily it was the perfect amount for the boyfriend and me.

Curry Shrimp and Ricotta@2x-2524

cutting zucchini

Curry Shrimp and Ricotta@2x-2532

Watching her prep this dish was fun. The shrimp sizzled in a frying pan and looked beautifully displayed in the spices in which she coated them. When I saw the ricotta, my jaw dropped. It was so smooth and delicate looking, at first I thought she made lemon sorbet and became excited. She had also sprinkled lemon zest on it, which didn’t help prevent the illusion. When I discovered it was actually ricotta, I wasn’t disappointed because I love ricotta. It was the perfect addition to the dish. Originally intended for the zucchini, I found myself dipping the shrimp in it too for the cooling effect it had on their spiciness.

Curry Shrimp and Ricotta@2x-2529

zucchini close

Curry Shrimp and Ricotta@2x-2533

shrimp close up logo

As far as the shrimp went, whatever she rubbed them in was out of this world. There was just a complete eruption of flavor as soon as one hit your tongue. All the flavors I was getting reminded me of some kind of Middle Eastern dish: hints of coriander, cumin, the mint in the hummus-like ricotta. The flavors were so strong and distinct, I couldn’t stop saying “Oh my god” the whole time I was eating. Every bite was so damn delicious. If I were Muslim, I’d consider this a dish fit for Allah himself. Forget 72 virgins–one great girl who knows how to cook is all you need!

Chef’s Note: I love that the boyfriend thought I was making sorbet. I mean, really? We just bought shrimp but let me go home and whip up a sorbet… Anyway, I love spices. Sometimes at fairs or farmers’ markets they have those stands with endless spices, and I love just going over to them and smelling the various aromas. Spices can take you all around the world while you are at home in your kitchen. Your dish can go from Korea to Mexico and you do not have to change planes or timezones! Spices are also a great way to add flavor and not fat. This dish is actually very healthy, but you wouldn’t necessarily think it because it is so flavorful. Don’t be afraid of spices–experiment. Your SO will be glad you did.

Curry Shrimp and Ricotta@2x-2540

The lucky guy who gets to eat the stuff his hot GF cooks.