Meet the Family

Meet la Famiglia Vitale, the husband and wife team behind Vitalian Kitchen.

Allison and Vincent got married in August of 2018. It was a perfect Vitalian Wedding, less than 5 years after she made him the first dinner he couldn’t refuse: Bucatini Carbonara with Pancetta. Shortly after this meal, he was smitten and they have been inseparable ever since. This blog is an account of their life together through cuisine.

While Vincent is busy dishing the details of delicious meals his wife concocts in the kitchen, they’ll also share their tales of travel. A corporate event planner by day, Allison’s career often calls for a trip, nevermind where they go when she’s not working. Whether it’s Ireland or Italy, Toronto or Tokyo, join them as they journey to some new–preferably unknown–destination, and explore what the local culinary culture to offer.

Oh, and occasionally frequently, you’ll hear about this stoic pup, Mulligan. Though he’s not so quiet when a truck drives by the house… or a person strolls past… or a leaf gently blows in the wind. Nevertheless, they adore him; you might even call them “The Dogmother” and “The Dogfather”.

At this time, the Dogmother and Dogfather would like to invite you to their table to eat, drink, and share a few laughs.

But remember, once you join this family, you’re in for life.

Benvenuto in famiglia!

Ciao (for now),

Allison & Vincent